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Aloha folks, tonight will be our first Wednesday night livestream via Gig Alliance, a new platform created by the good people at Troy Horse (Sydney) who I have been working with on music projects for many years. The audio recording side of things will be engineered by my long time collaborator Kimmo Vennonen, who has recorded, mixed and mastered a swathe of my albums. He is a sonic guru, and he'll bring his keen ear to the livestream to make sure it sounds fantabulous. I'm stepping up work on the development of Under The Influence with Shortis and Simpson and our director Tracy Bourne. Recently, I have been avidly listening and making playlists of songs that have been influential on my life and music making. Over recent weeks, I've been honing in on songs that are going to make the cut for the show, it's enjoyable and at times vexing process, there are so many songs I love that won't be able to be included due to the time constraints of a 90 minute performance. I'll sing a selection of my top choices tonight, some of which you may have heard me sing before, and some that you may not have. Look forward to seeing you. As this will be a test broadcast on the Gig Alliance platform, please tell me how your audio and video quality is during the livestream, so our wonderful tech team can make this a good experience for all. Yours with excitement and a good kind of nervous. xM

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