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11/10/2023 08.30pm

Aloha folks, I've been thinking about all the hallowed 6pm Sunday night time slot when kids of my generation would sit down and watch Countdown. It was a massive musical education, so many of those songs and film clips still swirl around in my head. From ACDC's iconic 'Jailbreak' clip to Iggy Pop's over the top studio performance of 'I'm Bored'; my pubescent sexual awakening to Kim Wilde's 'Chequered Love', Blondie's 'Rapture' and Madonna's 'Burning Up'; the excitement of seeing and hearing the Sex Pistols for the first time; and those wonderfully awkward moments with young Oz rock bands miming to their new single in front of a roomful of school girls. So many golden moments. I'll be diving into some these songs that made little Mikey tick back in the day. This is gonna be fun! xM
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